Shipping container multi family

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Is there anyone experienced in shipping container homes? Starting a new multifamily project and any advice would be awesome, thanks!

I don’t know anything about it but I will share I took a helicopter tour over the Vegas strip 12/16/17 and there was a container mall down by Fremont Street that caught my eye. We took an Uber down there the next day to check it out grab a bite. It was awesome what they did with the containers. Here is the website:

My airplane partner is building an 8 plex out of those things and has actually started a container manufacturing company.. building mainly small cabins and such.. he has 3 models..

I just saw a few episodes on Hulu of a shipping container show that aired on HGTV. I couldn’t believe it. They looked awesome when they were done.

Hey Matt, I check d out that container park, that’s a cool setup, and there were some good design elements as well. Thanks for the link!

And John, that Detroit tidbit was a goldmine, as it turns out Detroit has many ongoing projects utilizing the containers, I’ve already reached out to a few of the builders and contractors, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Hey jay, I’d love to check out what your airplane partners doing, sounds like he is ahead of the curve, does he have a website?

Hello Shiloh! It’s crazy the number of options these containers allow for the end user, builder and designer!

@Cody Malone

I've walked past this a few times on the way to my old woodshop. It's super cool, very high-end and architectural, and made of shipping containers. I like that it's not a rectangle after all. The architect is called LOT-EK, give them a look.

You'll probably need a really creative architect, I doubt you'll save money vs. traditional construction, but it could be a great marketing point.

I get stoked about these kinds of projects! Looking forward to watching your process and seeing your results!

@Eike Mass Thanks! i am going to look up the firm today and check them out, and you are right the economics are not that much better on paper, but the increased publicity by building out of the box (not to be confused with building out of a box, lol) should allow me to increase value through supply and demand, are there any pictures of the higher end building you are seeing?

This project in Oakland is pretty cool. It is commercial and retail not housing but similar concepts can be applied.

Look into the Fair Housing Act and any local laws depending on the size you will probably need an elevator and accessible units if it is over a certain size and multi story.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of assistance.

His work seems to be good on a commercial lease I put together for a client

@Cody Malone if you are interested in learning about the process maybe you should hook up with Habit for Humanity up in McKinney Texas. I am sure they could use people with REI experience and you could learn a ton in the process.

The input i have received so far has been invaluable, thanks all!  I think i have doubled my knowledge base and network within the small group who deals in this type of project, thanks again, you guys have saved me immeasurable amounts of research!

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