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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for suggestions on a CRM to use, right now looking for a system that is free but may want to upgrade as we build our database.  What are some of the best free CRM's out there?  I've heard about Zoho and Insightly, any feedback on these two?



If you have Gmail there is a CRM template you can use under Google Docs. 

@Kyle Mitchell : Hey Kyle.

You didn't mention exactly what you'd be using the crm for. Deal tracking, Investor tracking, vendors, etc? How many of each?

That said, I use Zoho, and I like it a lot. I primarily use it for keeping notes and contact information on Broker, Lenders, and Vendors. But my day-to-day notes on active deals are in Evernote, and I tend to transfer them over in bulk after a deal is done. No particular reason I do it that way. I just happen to like working in Evernote, but it's not a great overall CRM solution.

My suggestion is to just try a few. They are almost always free to try. However, beware. They can be a time-trap. If you spend all day customizing your CRM, your actual business operations will suffer!

hope that helps!


I've used Podio to manage my last 300 deals.  $9 / month / user, and is month to month.  It is user friendly and easily customizable.  Doesn't do every single thing I want (no off the shelf solution will) but gets the job done after you learn how to work in it.

I'm a big fan of Pipedrive - very intuitive set up if you're working on multiple deals, clients, leads etc.

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