Ever Use This Marketing Strategy?

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For those of you that hold meet-ups, seminars, etc- ever buy a list, then do a direct mail campaign? 

If so, what companies/resources did you use and how did things work out for you with respect to getting people to attend your event? 


I'm going to be following these results, I am trying to do the same thing right now! (forming a meetup)

I started by going to meetup.com and signing up ($14.99 a month or $9.99 if sign up for six months) but have not been getting RSVPs so far. I am not a pro member and couldn't post it on BP, maybe that is the missing key?

Hope you get some responses here! Good luck to all of us trying to do this! :) 

@Chris Tracy I don't think you'll get good results that way. Most serious investors attend events where they know the host or have heard about it through another investor. If you want a good group, I'd recommend networking and telling people you're thinking about starting an event.

@Chris Tracy I'm would say that its all about getting the word out. Social Media is a good way to do it.  I would look at facebook groups for Real Estate Investors in your area. I started a meet up about a year ago, and have over 250 members currently. We meet every month, and have an attendance of about 25-35 people. 

Also make sure that your group message explains the idea of the meeting. Too many pitching real estate meeting now a days and people don't like those so much. 

Hope this helps. 

@Chris Tracy , did you listen to last week's BP podcast? The guest talked about using social media to create a group of people. I'd give his idea of using a survey in a facebook ad a shot. 

Most major metro areas have an overload of MeetUps...to the point of saturation. Now, potential attendee's will look solely at the value the topic/presentation will have on their business. If you don't have a "known and credible" person presenting a topic with real value, you'll likely see little results. 

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