Upcoming Multi-Family Seminar

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Hey guys,

Does anyone know of any upcoming Multi-Family Real Estate seminars in Texas? I attended one earlier this month and am looking to attend as many as I can, Thanks!

Hi Robert,

There is a two day workshop by Brad Sumrock is happening in March 10 to 11th in Dallas.Texas. You may want to google it for more info.  I am not providing direct link here because I am not sure if that is compliant with forum rules,  



Brad Sumrok is having one on 3/10 & 11.  I'll see you there!

@Robert Martinez the syndication seminar is not really MFH focus but yea a lot of mfh people there because let’s face it most people go sfh to mfh.

Brad Sumrok who is a mfh mentor is schedule to speak at the seminar for an hour or two.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I looked into and am interested!

I'll be at the Brad event March 10-11. Send me a PM if you want to connect before.

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