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BP family quick question is there any simple software on the market that I can downlowd to anaylize a multi family property.   As I seek investor for potential investments would like give a quick overview of the opportunity.   

@Kyle Critchnau Thanks for sharing! I downloaded the A.Cre tool that you linked to. Interesting but not right for me, just too much within it that I won't use and is a distraction. @Dennis Johnson if you're looking for a quick, easy tool for commercial MF, of the ones I have used, I would rank them as follows, from easiest to use to most difficult:

1. Jake & Gino Online tool

2. Michael Blank SDA

3. Real Data

4. A.Cre

I like Jake & GIno's tool for quick analysis but I prefer Michael Blank's SDA because it is a spreadsheet, a little more detailed, yet still easy to use.

@Scott Skinger like I said I haven't gone through it yet, that's helpful feedback for when I do get into it though. Thanks!

@Dennis Johnson


2. (you don't need the pro version)


These are all great tools, but most importantly you really need to understand how every calculation works. Better to pick one and learn it inside and out (I chose the SDA but they are all reasonably similar). 

Take the time to go through all of the video tutorials each author provides. The last thing you want is for an investor to ask you a question and to not know / fumble around with the answer. Figure out how things like IRR are calculated, or how the member / manager splits and pref rate of return impact the total return numbers over different hold times. It can get tricky, but your job is to go deep in the weeds so that you can confidently synthesize the deal to potential investors.

Let us know what you go with and your experience!

Not sure if this is what you are looking for because no one has mentioned them yet but have you considered/tried the analysis tools right here on BP:

@Brian Woods yes I have tried that one and its not that one and it was ok, and @James E. the syndicated deal analyer wa pretty good and self explanatory which was good jakandgino's look good and easy from the looks of it that may be the way to go.  I will look to purchase one at the end of the week to work on this opportunity that I may have on an 88 unit.

There are great calculators listed on this thread. @Dennis Johnson , I would highly recommend building your own calculator after looking at the calculators listed here. It would give you a good understanding of where the numbers come from and make it much easier when explaining the deal to potential investors.

I use the Jake and Gino deal analyzer that @James E. posted.  Very detailed and simple to use. 

Thanks @Jeffrey Almonte I will look at it I need something simple, currently have someone else doing my financials and I have a deal that its pretty simple but need to understand the process as well.  

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