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Hello Everybody, 

I own several 4plexs and each of them has rooftop packaged heat pump AC units. I bought most of the buildings with older AC units that I've slowly been working my way through replacing. I've used several different companies and tried everything from New units to refurbished ones. Refurbished units are cheaper but the question is on how long they will last. My question is when it comes to replacing AC units, what is the strategy that you employ? My thought is trying not to spend a whole lot of cash but getting the best I can for what I do spend. No sense in buying an AC unit from one company for 5 grand, when I can get the same unit installed by someone else for 3,500. Really what I want to know is how does everybody go about shopping for units and finding the best prices? 

I prefer proactive replacement because it is cheaper in the long run. No emergency calls.

I shop around. I have a couple of companies that I like more than others. I would love to have an hourly tech that I could use (I have a plumber like that) but right now I don't.

I buy new units. I don't like to use parts of the existing one, particularly in cases where refrigerants have changed.

There will be people that are able to get things done for less money, but the high efficiency and reliability that we get makes this approach work for us.

A new HVAC system properly installed & maintained should last around 15 years. In my short investing career I have learned not to wait until system breaks in getting it replaced. Typically it breaks in hottest or coldest day of the year and that’s when you will pay a premium price to get it replace or fixed.
Personally I would not want to install a refurbished HVAC system, I think you’re better off w new installation and not have to worry about it for a long time.
Typically when I purchase a unit and I know HVAC system is over 15 yo I know that sooner rather than later I will have to replace it and I plan for it..
My HVAC tech have given me some good deals in Charlotte by buying multiple systems and being flexible w installation date

@Raul R. is right. You have to take in to account that they will be working the hardest when the weather is the most extreme whether it be hot or cold. Tis the reason they always seem to break on the hottest or coldest day of the year. 

Thanks for the posts everybody. So I'm getting mostly recommendations to be proactive in replacements. (I agree with this as I've had a couple units die on me and it wasn't very convenient for me or my tenants), go with new installations over refurbished, and try working out deals with the installation company (I've had luck with this). Has anybody tried any of those online wholesale companies where they ship the unit local and you get a local installer? Also, do you guys feel that the brand matters much for reliability? Most new units seem to come with a 10 year parts warranty and a 2 year labor warranty around here. 

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