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With all of the available properties out and even the ones a little over priced, what are some marketing techniques to find owners of Multifamily units, ie mail out etc..  Any willing to share any ideas or stories.

Mailing is by far the easiest. You just need access to the online tax records for the county. Put your ear to the ground and see if they are even "informal" landlord nights at bars or anywhere. Those are my favorite because its usually landlords doing things on their own and when they are ready to offload they usually avoid using realtors and do FSBO.

@Dennis Johnson it’s a numbers game, hit them with mailers often and repeat... find absentee owners who have owned 10+ years and have some nice equity built in. That way, it’s a win-win if you strike a deal. Gotta be persistent. One touch won’t  get the deal.

@Dennis Johnson . Mailers ... there are various forms and ways to do it. Cold calling, you can do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. Find their background and see if you have things or interests in common and approach them that way (let's say alumni from xwz university or both love golf or are from the same religious affiliation). If you know someone in their family ... would be another way. 


you've already gotten some great advice here. And instead of going ahead and writing a long post about the techniques I would use, I am sharing a link to my friend's @Joe Fairless website. The link will take you directly to the multifamily lead generation archives containing 30 different articles that specifically talk about ways to find deals.

Here it is:

I hope it helps!

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