Secure door access system for Multifamily Asset

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I'm looking to improve the security access at one of my multifamily assets (400 units) in Florida. Can anyone recommend the best access systems based on experience? I'm looking to secure access to the common areas, not the individual units. Thanks


Hi @Rasheed Chahal I saw no one answered your post so I thought I would see if I could help you at all. Disclaimer I do not own any commercial properties, but have lived in a few different apartment buildings. Based on my experience as a tenant the fob key system is very easy to use and seems to be a very popular method. It is easy and quick for tenants and my assumption from talking to the buildings property managers it is easy on them to add, allow and block access based on individual fob keys. For another point of reference when I lost my key I was charged $25 to replace it. 

Hope this can help. 


if it's as big as 400 units, I also agree with a FOB key. its easy to install just at the common place doors.

You can add phone access systems as well but not really worth it unless its a high end place

Thanks guys this is very helpful.

Keyscan, DMP,, Honeywell, Brivo, and others all have commercial door access system based on keyfob solutions. is a new player to the market who has a excellent cloud based system which has a lot of bang for the buck, can intergrate camera systems, energy management, and security all under one platform and easy to manage from anywhere in the world being cloud based.  Contact a commercial security professional in your area of the property and start there. Biggest thing is someone who can support your system in event something doesn't  work as it should.   Sometimes the smaller local companies for yoru area may be best as opposed to the national players too.  Keyfobs is the best way to go plus can remove access to some amenities if fail to pay dues, say the exercise room, the laundry room, pool, etc.

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