Duplex Conversion Bedroom Problem

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I have a bedroom problem. I recently purchased a duplex in Northeast Ohio and I’m getting it ready to rent. It’s a 1920 Victorian which was converted to an up down duplex. My downstairs originally had no bedrooms so of my three room(besides the Kitchen) I have two rooms to use as bedrooms. I have two problems. First to get to the former front room you have to go thru the former living room. They are large rooms with large egress windows. The only other access I could do for that room is add a bedroom door they the Foyer which is a common area. Neither option is great. I’m considering having both access doors (all beautiful 1920 pocket doors) versus sealing the Foyer door permanently closed as was the original plan. My second problem is the switch for the lights in the front room are in the common Foyer. I’m a licensed electrician and moving or replacing the switch for this room will be difficult. I’m going to look for an electronic remote switch for this. Not sure if my options or the cost for a remote to run the Fan Light in that room. I could add a new separate switch outlet which would meet code but is less than ideal. Sorry for the long post. This is my first rental. This site it a great resource. 😀🏠 Thanks.

@Jim Pintchuk its a hard question to answer because I cant see the layout first hand. You will need to think through it and make sure the apartment is laid out well. An apartment thats laid out well and more conventional will rent for more money is less time. If you can keep the 1920 doors then I would but again the rooms have to flow and the space has to be laid out for practical use. Sorry I cant answer you questions exactly but I hope this will help you in some way think a little like a landlord.

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