Want to go to an OUTSTANDING event sometime?

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One that:

  • Overdelivers and provides massive value (content & resources)
  • Is not a big pitch fest with various speakers trying to sell you stuff
  • Is high-energy & fun

Then you need to check out Brad Sumrok’s events.

I just came back from his 2 day event in Dallas,TX and I’ve never been so refreshed and charged-up in my life and I am beyond ready to do some deals!

True story and full disclosure:

I don’t work for Brad. I’m not affiliated with him in any way, shape or form.

So why am I writing this and why did I go out of my way to make a video testimonial for him (without him asking me to do so)?

To provide value to this forum and show my appreciation.

The event was amazing… you should have seen it.

Numerous people were talking about how they were doing deals currently and how Brad’s program changed their life, etc.

People were talking about how they're in the process of quitting their job and Brad's event is actually called “Rat Race to Retirement”.

At first I thought it was all a scripted act… but so many people had a success story, I then asked myself how could they possibly make all this up?

There was over 400 people in the room, which I had the incredible opportunity to network with.

These people were high-caliber individuals that can help a person (especially a “newbie”) potentially get deals done.

Not to mention all the resources available in the room such as:

  • SEC attorneys
  • A title company
  • An insurance agent
  • Real estate brokers
  • A mortgage broker

I’m sure I forgot to mention someone… lol

Basically Brad offers an ecosystem that anyone can plug into and leverage if they choose to.

It wasn't your typical real estate investing seminar at all.

There was great content, food, coffee, etc and Brad's team was highly professional and awesome as well.

We went out on a bus tour and actually went into the market to see apartment buildings and discuss actual case studies with the buyers and sellers of these deals.

How cool is that?

Sometimes these weekend boot camps can be draining, but Brad's team did a great job of making a very fun as well as an educational experience.

They also made great efforts to answer any questions.

Nice job Brad's team!

Oh, did I mention I met some of the Bigger Pockets Big Dogs down there like @Michael Le ? lol

If you're serious about buying and investing in apartment buildings and you don't go to Brad Sumrok’s events and take advantage of what he has to offer you’re nuts (seriously).

I know I already did a testimonial for you Brad, but I just wanted to say thank you one more time for an outstanding experience and I'll see you at the next event…

Thanks again sir!


  • "Is not a big pitch fest with various speakers trying to sell you stuff"

I'm sorry, but I have to chime in here. Maybe there weren't various speakers, but it was definitely a big pitch fest. I attended Crowd Converge last month where Brad invited people to come check out his educational events that he used to find investors. "Education based marketing" as he called it. Well, it was more like 25% educational, and 75% pitch fest. Just enough education to whet your appetite and convince you that you need his program. 

Now, that's not a knock on his program and it seemed to work really well for some people. But if you're going to talk about it on here, let people know what they're going to. It's a feeder event for a guru's high priced program. Plain and simple. 

@Sam Grooms - I hear ya.  

I guess I was comparing Brad's event to other guru events I've seen in the past, where they used to have a bunch of affiliates pitching a home study course from the stage and they would be like, "Ok run to the back of the room and buy my stuff... "... lol

Did Brad offer his coaching programs at the end of the event?


All I know is for $297, I met a lot of accredited investors that are going to help my team buy more deals.

Even if you fell asleep while Brad was speaking, that event provided WAY MORE value than the cost to attend.

It was great finally meeting you in person, @Chris Tracy . Glad you made the effort to come down and see what it was about. Let's keep in touch and see how we can help each other.

@Sam Grooms , full disclosure - I'm a personal mentoring student of Brad's but beyond that just a happy student/client. 

Is the event a feeder for his educational program? Of course. If it was ever advertised as a complete multifamily educational program in just 2 days then I think that would be horribly misleading. Just like a blog post or a podcast or even an entire book (Lindahl's/Berges') is not enough education then surely people should understand that a weekend seminar won't mean they are putting in LOIs the following Monday.

Is there a lot of education provided in those 2 days. I really think so. If your strict definition of education is solely about the mechanics of how multifamily works and what you need to do to get into it... that is provided. But for those who are skeptical, who have analysis paralysis, who wonder if they are able to do it then I think the event also 'educates' those people on the possibilities available to them. The many student testimonials serve to motivate people, to provide that mindset shift that people who look like them, in similar positions as them are able to achieve. At least that's how it was for me. It's what convinced me that I could do it. And of course convincing people that they can do it will likely lead them to signing up with his program. Is that what you consider a pitch fest? And what's wrong with that as long as his program provides them all the tools of success, as promised?

All I can say is that when I initially went I got a lot of value out of the weekend. Sure, I was pitched to. Sure, I bought into it and I paid a lot of money to a 'guru'. But then I was provided a lot of education. I was provided access to a huge network of brokers, vendors, and investors. And I took that education and motivation and did something with it. 

I also was at the same event over the weekend and will agree with @Chris Tracy and @Michael Le that the content offered for the money requested was very reasonable. Great deal.

I've been actively self-educating over the last year (listening to hundreds of hours of podcasts and reading a stack of books over a foot and a half tall) and felt that this weekend, in just 16 hours, was able to corroborate everything I had learned and teach me even more. Great education.

Rubbing shoulders with people that are actually doing what I want to do was amazing, motivating, and fear-reducing. I talked with people that I'd heard on some of my favorite podcasts. Surprisingly, I ran into @Mike Roeder (an apartment investor I know from the Twin Cities area) as well as one of the apartment wholesalers that I routinely see deals from. Great networking.

People who want to syndicate will find advanced, in-depth training on exactly that! If someone wants to invest in other people's MF deals, they'll learn more than enough to be able to vet sponsors and decide if a deal is a good one to get into. Great options.

Those things aside, the real value (IMHO) lies in what they call the "ecosystem". The group is a collective of like-minded individuals who are able to come together to co-sponsor a deal, locate key principals to be able to meet balance sheet and liquidity requirements, and QUICKLY raise capital from educated, engaged, and eager investors. This is what I'm lacking and is the biggest draw for me. Great environment.

Having said that, I didn't sign up this weekend. I plan to attend again and will bring my wife for the catch-up education. I'll also bring a business partner who couldn't make it this weekend so that we're on the same page. I do see signing up in the future as there are too many positives that outweigh the cost of signing up.

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