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Hello. I’ve just submitted an offer (the form I signed called purchase and sale agreement) for our first investment property(duplex) in Jacksonville FL. However, I’m very unsatisfied with my realtor. Can I change realtor if this offer is turned down? ( I was told that it seems to be happened) and if I change the realtor, do I have to give up on this property?? She was introduced by the lending company I’m willing to use. She sounded very professional on the first phone conversation even though she admitted that investment property is not her speciality. She told me that she know one guy whom she can ask advise from. So I thought I can count on that. Since I live in CA, I definitely need someone I can trust in the area. She was ok first but I noticed that she is becoming too lay back/ rude and she doesn’t do what I ask her to do. For example, I sent her a few lists of the houses I was interested in and asked her opinion. She said she would check but she never did and stuff like that. Fortunately I found a good property so I put an offer today. This is the only property she went to see for us. I think she went there because it is very close to her house. I don’t feel like she cared about any of my concerns. She didn’t share some information she got from the listing agency until I snapped today. Her email is always short and not much explanation. So I usually call her and try to ask questions but I sense that she gets annoyed by my calling. If the offer is accepted, I should go with her. but if not, can I change and how? Also if anyone knows good agents in Jacksonville handling out of states buyer, please let me know! I appreciate any advise!

Yes, unless you signed a buyer brokerage agreement. Sometimes the broker will release you from it if you let them know you’ve had a bad experience. She sounds lazy. If she doesn’t want to handle investment transactions then you could ask her politely to refer it to someone who does. She would make a little money on the deal too.

Even if you've signed a brokerage agreement, there is a clause that you can terminate for cause- one of those being dissatisfaction. Check your agreement and address the specifics of where you do not think she has represented you well and let her know in a professional and courteous way.

What is the purchase price of the property?

Is it say 100k or 400k??

To a broker/agent selling regular properties with buyers for home owners they might see it as quick additional income while they do their bread and butter business. A relationship is about expectations between the parties and both agreeing on what they give and what they get for their time,effort, and energy.

The buyer then starts asking tons of questions which some might go unanswered or not to the buyers satisfaction. Both parties start getting annoyed as the buyer feels the broker/agent should do more and answer more and the broker/agent see an overly demanding buyer for the type of property they are buying which is interrupting that broker/agents main business and deal flow.

I am talking in generalities. Maybe a solution would be to ask the broker/agent politely and in a calm manner if they have an investment specialist at their brokerage that they could partner with and help get your questions answered.

I feel sometimes a buyer just chooses anyone to work with and so does a broker/agent hoping if they take all business in that something will close and they get paid. It's much better to have laser focus on what you want to do and drown out the rest of the noise that are distractions to goals being achieved. 

Remember most brokers/agent selling houses to home owners are in the (emotional sales business), and not the (investment with data and numbers business).

It is like someone speaking and knowing English but someone is speaking French to them. They hear the language but might get very little to zero of what is being said.

Since this broker/agent showed the property they likely have procuring cause to get paid a commission if the sale happens. Generally the listing brokerage is going to side with the other broker/agent because a buyer can be a one off sale but the brokers and agents have to deal with each other on a regular basis so that ongoing relationship usually holds more weight and importance for them to protect.

If you do not have a buyer brokerage agreement then you should be able to start using someone else for other properties.

No legal advice given.


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