Buying Property with Vacant Parcels-Considering Options

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We recently opened escrow on 2 properties in Brazoria County, TX. They are less than 2mi apart and they each have a vacant, adjacent parcel, which was included in the deal price. The parcels are large enough to build on and one is up against a main thoroughfare in town. We are raising private equity through a Reg D offering as our capital source and placing agency debt. 

We underwrote the value assuming the existing income only and did not assume any improvement to the vacant parcels. Therefore, if we just focused our plan on the existing income producing properties, it won’t affect our projections. 

However, we would like to consider the possibilities of building storage, garage units, Re-zone and sell to retail developer etc.. 

Our question focuses on how to structure the deal with equity and debt, in order to gain the most flexibility with the vacant land. We are open to including it with the deal so our investors can benefit from the upside, but not sure if we should include the improvement costs with initial equity raise or explain the circumstance and ask if they’ll consider a capital call at a later date. 

If anyone has experience with similar deals, we thank you in advance for taking the time to provide your insight. 


Ed Rogan

Unlike Olympic gymnastics, you do not get bonus points for degree of difficulty in real estate. My advice is to choose a more simple path that does not include a second capital raise. Your numbers and offering are all based on current income of the property. This will not be affected by anything you do with the extra land. Sell the extra land off as a personal profit and enjoy the day. Let someone else worry about development costs. Another strategy, is you can offer to JV with a developer, with you putting up the extra lots as your contribution to that JV. None of this involves changing your offering or hitting your lenders for a second round of funds.

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