Real Estate Investment Firm vs CRE Brokerage

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I have ambitions to be an investor in the future and I was wondering if it would be better to work in commercial real estate or to work for an investing firm, kind of like Grant Cardone has a team of people going out and looking for properties. I was also wondering how much difference there would be between a role like this and working in brokerage. As far as brokerage I have more of an interest on the buyers side but it seems like most brokers want you to go for listings. What I’ve found is that following your brain over your heart never works out and I am definitely more passionate about the buyers side / investment side. I’ll be moving to Florida / Cali / somewhere else warm in 7-10 months so I was also wondering what some of the investment firms are in FL and other places.

personally I would choose working in Investmet firm. 

Then you can learn to underwrite deals properly together with financing etc.

It is likely that someone in the team wound be licensed so the company can have MLS access and can represent themselves.

@Glenn Gayet You’d he surprised at how small of outfits investment firms or developer shops actually are. They really don’t need or want a ton of overhead to eat at the margins.

If you want to learn acquisitions then try out a brokerage. Developers use broker relationships to get deals. You’ll learn the ins and outs of marketing, relationship building, and how markets operate. Agents like to work on listings because it’s more product use of their time versus the reward than representing buyers.

Working for an investor will certainly have its merits as well. You would hopefully be able to see the life cycle of projects and how internal underwriting and project management works. Most of these firms source deals from other sources.

There is no wrong way to go. Just identify what you want and go after it.

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