Investing in El Paso, TX

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Hello BP,

Do we have any apartment investors (100+ units) from El  Paso, TX?

I have an opportunity to invest in an El Paso deal and I wonder if there are any special risks I should consider. The sponsor is good but he is not local - that's one specific risk I know of.

What are the cap rates there for C class properties? 

What areas are considered high quality  (within C space) by locals and what areas they avoid? 



Hey Nick if you'd like I have a contact for a realtor in El Paso who has lived there the majority of his life.  He should be familiar with all the areas. Just send me a message and I can give his contact info to you.   I'm actually looking to partner up with him in very small 4 unit deals, I'll be interested as well if buying large multi families there are a good idea.  

From what I know the El Paso economy has not been doing well and is heavily resided by the military. 

Hi Michael, does that realtor specialize in large apartments (100+ units)? I need someone with this particular expertise. Thanks 

He does manage I believe a 20-30 unit apartment complex there and knows the area quite well if that helps.  He also owns a large commercial building in which he runs his ballroom business for Weddings, Quinceanera's and so forth.