Loooking for a duplex to house hack in Portland, OR

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I live in Portland, Oregon . Looking to do a house hack in Portland. But property values are really high right now so duplexes are especially hard to come by. And also most lenders that I have talked to are requiring at least 25% down. If anyone knows anything or has any tips I am super open to help!!! Thanks BP!!!

If you are doing owner occupied it should not take 25% down.

Contact Vince at eagle home mortgage, he does house hacking himself.

Portland prices are very high. I would look outside the city. Gresham, Oregon city, Tigard, Sherwood.


If you aren't willing to go FHA, then yes 3-4 units will requireat least 20% (Freddie mac) or 25% (Fannie mae).

FHA will allow you to go as low as 3.5% down, however. A 203k renovation loan may help open you up to some extra listings too.