Do you remember your first? (Apartment)

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Hey all! I’ve spent the last half a year reading the books, scanning through all of your posts and thoughtful responses, and listening to way too many podcasts. I have a small condo in San Francisco and I have officially given notice to my tenant to move out so I can sell, officially starting the clock on my 1031 Exchange. Given they need to move out and I need to sell, I have some extra time. I have really appreciated reading about multi family and have put most my energy into learning in this space. My question for you’d you find your first deal? How’d you do? If you could go back in time, would you do it again?! Appreciate any and every response :)

SFR my wife's original home; rented it for 28 years with positive cash flow. Sold it in 2015 for 6x. It was in San Mateo Ca. ;<) Bonus: 1031x replaced it with property in Wa! Worked great.