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Greetings! I'm in a weekend boot camp with the David Lindahl multi family investing group this weekend. I can feel the "up sell" coming for their Mastery Group. They have asked us as home work to go to CreditNav.com t get our credit scores. They say it is to see how much money we can qualify for interest free money for investing in multi-family homes or for education. I'm concerned about them needing to know our credit score and the "interest free" money! Does anyone have experience with the mentoring program and the CreditNav.com?

The upsell is definitely coming. I don't know a lot about their inner workings but I don't like the old school sales tactics that are used every step of the way. I went to one of their 2 hour intro classes for the hell of it a couple of months ago and the emails and phone calls were non-stop.

I believe in the value of education and I think paying for education can be a good investment, I just don't like their style and I think they are way overpriced for what you're getting. In the end they are looking to "mentor" you for $30K+. There are better alternatives out there.

shoot I had heard good things about lindahl but looks like he has partnered with a back end fulfillment company and the idea to check your credit cards is RED flag and exactly the reason why.. to determine how much they can get from U for the upsell of education.. its standard in the industry.. if you cant easily cut a check for the education you have no business doing this.. means you cold not invest if you wanted to.. lack of liquidity.. there is no free lunch no money down investing in MF as hot as it is..

The same education can be had right here on BP for free if you're willing to put in the time and effort.

@Edwin Joiner I completely agree with @@Jay Hinrichs . He is right as always :) If you don't have the funds to invest in the education through Lindahl don't worry about checking your credit. Rather concentrate on what you can get out of the bootcamp itself as they do provide some quality material (I can personally attest to that.) You can also network with a ton of others in the room. So while upsell is there, you can still benefit from the weekend content itself. 

If you'd like more feedback, feel free to PM me.


Alina Trigub, please give more details about what you have gotten from Lindahl’s multifamily bootcamp. Scheduled to go next week with husband who is balking because of expected up-sell. Is it worth it to go to bootcamp? Will we be equipped to take action with “no money down” when we leave? Have done a couple of smaller deals over the years, but ready to step up our game.

I like Lindahl's stuff and his book (emerging markets) but it seems that he has ramped up his personal training to a new level which made me a little iffy... a 1$ program email offer recently made me lose my interest. It seems nowadays that RE mentors provide the best information when they start in this business and become very greedy at one point and separate the information into packages to make more money.

Hi Charles - I hope you are doing well. I think there are several examples of successful investors who are creating alternative streams of income through training. It seems that most boil down to building  knowledge, a solid network and taking action. Any of these can add value or not depending on what you do with them I suppose.

Take care

@Edwin Joiner I shouldn't be surprised but I keep being surprised. How do, seemingly, normal people fall for this? I never thought it would be that easy to instruct someone to give me their credit score, so I can charge them an ungodly amount for basic "education". 

@Jay Hinrichs Is it just me or am I missing something? They must have a better sales pitch than this amateur-hour stuff.