Rent box & late fees

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Do any of you use a rent box? I'm considering adding one to my property (I have a secure place to put one near the mailbox area). My main concern is, what if a tenant drops in a partial rent payment? I.e. if they try paying after the 5th & they only deposit the rent with no late fee.

How did that work out?
I do have an on-site property manager, currently he is collecting rent door-to-door each month (as well as doing repairs). 

Hi, I’m a new landlord and, just purchased a four Plex I’ve remodeled one side and left existing tenants in the other side. One of the tenants is a problem tenant, and on on government assistance. recently she got in an altercation with one of the other tenants causing them to break their lease and moved out. I’m really not happy with the Tenant any advice on how to get them out? Or Handel this type of situation? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I have a 12 unit building in a smallish town-16,000 population; my wonderful tenants are mostly 55 plus and computers are not their favorite things. We have a lockbox in the laundry room and the tenants prefer that to autopay etc. So I go there to get the checks and drain the coins out of the laundry machines, I don’t mind the activity and often meet a tenant or two. I also have duplexes in a more populated area, and younger family type tenants-they are all on autopay.