A Good Template for Multifamily Resume for Lender

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Hello everyone,

CBRE is processing a loan for me and has asked me to put together a company resume. I have put together personal resumes in the past, but have a feeling that this may have a different format. Would anyone be willing to share a template they have used for their multifamily real estate resume?

Thanks for the help!

Originally posted by @Jake Weinstein :
@Kashif Quraish what kind of loan is it?


It's a multifamily conventional loan. I will admit, the process has been challenging and we are still working on finding suitable rates and terms. 


Originally posted by @Jake Weinstein :
@Kashif Quraish generally all they need is a paragraph stating how many units you own, how long you have been involved in real estate, and a sentence on what your business plan is.

 Jake- the resume was fairly straightforward. The rates are what's surprising me. They are all well above 5%. Do you know any lenders you would recommend?

I use this type of form when applying to a lender to give them a snapshot of what our portfolio and experience is like... this is only a sample, not an actual form or properties.  I think this could be viewed as a multi-family resume of sorts? I am a firm believer that presenting yourself with a neat and organized plan is very important to any potential lender.

@Mo Quraish @Calvin Lipscomb Great question. As others have said, the lender is asking for a company resume so do not overthink it. Provide a paragraph about when your company was founded, what your business strategy is, and what markets you are focused in. Provide bios of the KPs and REO schedules. Include the DSCRs for all of the properties in the REO schedule. Talk about past projects you have done and why they should loan you money. Give them confidence in your business.