Atlanta Hapeville area

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Is Hapeville a decent area in Atlanta to invest? What are the areas to invest in multifamily around Atlanta and areas to stay away, can anyone please shed light; I want to give property to management and will be a out of state investor, looking for a balance between appreciation and cash flow, class B- or c+; 5-7 year hold may be, at least 20 plus unit and less than 100.

@Rush Wall , could you please share more information about 30032 zipcode. I am currently looking at the 4-plex in that area south of Memorial Drive selling for 250K. According to Rentometer the average rent is ~1100$ for 2bd/1bath units here. On the other side, city-data says that medium income in that zipcode is about ~40K, which is quite low. I am open to hear opinions of the local experts, Is it good investment?