New investor looking to meet Detroit area multifamily investors

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Hi, everyone.  I'm a part-time real estate investor in the Detroit area who is looking to get into multifamily investing (10-20 units), with the goal of making my first purchase this year.  I'm interested in meeting up with other Detroit area investors who are already investing in multifamily units in this area.  I've done lots of reading and research (including on this forum), but I'm looking to network with some real people who would be willing to share their experiences with me.  Thanks in advance!

Hey @Tim Gathers , welcome to Biggerpockets! You will find tons of value on this platform. I wanted to let you know that there is a Meetup Group in Brighton so that members can actually meet like minded investors and network in person. We’re a meet up for all asset classes with a concentration on multifamily, and mindset will be central to our group. If you would like to know more, feel free to reach out and look at the meetup website! The name is Michigan Multifamily and More Real Estate Investors Club.

Talk soon and happy Investing!

Here is Multi-Family only REIA that we have started attending. I'm local to the area, targeting Multi-Family, but have not picked up anything local yet. I have purchased in Ohio.

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I'm happy to talk and discuss.

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Here is the link,