Shipping container apartments in the city?

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I have an idea of buying an empty lot in the city and putting 3 or 4 shipping container apartments on it. Does anyone have any info on this, or know anyone that’s done it? I appreciate the help. - Adam H

Ive been working with few projects around container homes, mainly on the container supplies side since i could get great deal and have good relationship with container manufacturing company in Vietnam. They would make brand new home containers as our customization so there is no down side like used container turning into a home. 

The projects are quite big as well, usually more than 20 containers total. The partners took care of city permits and so far, we dont have any problem at all. In California, city even pushes for building container homes as solution for cheap housing to deal with homelessness problem. 

From the money side of thing, it makes a lot of sense since its cheap, highly customizable, modern looking and low maintenance cost due to steel frame structures.

Once we are done with the first big project this year, the following one will be simple and we plan to do more with right amount of funding. 

Originally posted by @Adam Horvath :
@Matthew Paul it won’t be a mobile home. It will be 3 or 4 updated shipping container apartments. They will look appealing from the outside.

Thats correct it wont have wheels , but its approx the same width  and length .  Getting it thru zoning  and passing building codes will be a feat . 

@Adam Horvath Used containers have a few negative things go with us (you could do some quick google search to know more). Building directly from manufacturer could be pricy if you work with the wrong one. If you know the right contact and the way they work, the price could be very competitive even includes the shipping fees. 

Also like Matthew mentions above, each city/state has their own zoning and codes, working with a knowledgeable developer in the areas who would also help you install the container homes would help tremendously imho.