Transition Army Officer - Help - Seeking NON PAYING internship

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I’m going to keep this short and sweet, I’d be more than happy to talk with anyone on this topic, my cell number is in my BP profile. 

I’m currently a Captain in the US Army, and I have a knack and a love for commercial real estate analysis. I have good theoretical knowledge and deal analysis skills, but I lack experience in large deals. 

The Army, in an attempt to assure me a measure of success, will allow me to participate in an UNPAID internship of my choosing. I am seeking an opportunity to work FOR FREE. My ideal company to work with would be a syndicator of some sort, I want to see how raising money and putting larger deals together really works. That said, I'm open to any position, even if I am scrubbing toilets, maybe hear some useful nuggets of REI knowledge through an air duct?

Time frame - Mid August to Late September 2018. 

Location - Ideally Orlando/Tampa, but I’ll consider anything in the Southeast US doable, and any outstanding opportunity in the country. 

I’m truly appreciative of you taking the time to read and consider this offer, if you are someone or KNOW OF someone who may be interested in allowing me to serve them, please reach out here, or via the contact info in my profile. 

@Hunter Locke First off, Go Navy☺ just kidding Sir, i served a little time in the Army Reserves after my Navy years so I've got love for my Army brothers as well💪 As far as what you're trying to accomplish. I don't know the syndication world but I'm a Commercial Loan Broker and would definitely love to talk with you more to see if either my company can help you or if i can help point you in the right direction. Either way, Bigger pockets is a great resource and I'm sure you will meet lots of contacts on here.