Multi-family Trash Service

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We are purchasing our first multi-family apartment building and looking for ways to cut spending. The building is 8 unit 2/2.  The current owner pays $360 a month the have a 4 yard dumpster picked up 3 times a week. I can get a 8 yard picked up once a week for $140 a month. Is there any reason I shouldn't change this?

it depend on the location of the dumpster, is close to the building that it will be stinking? 

Can the tenant have good reach of you use a larger one? 


Dax, I do not own a multi- family but have had some experience with my share of dumpsters with at work. The larger the dumpster the more likely someone, not from your community, will throw a washer/refrigerator or whatever they feel they are entitled to, in your dumpster. Not leaving room for your own families. Then your families trash gets stacked up around the dumpster on the ground. The worst problem you have is the trash collection will not pick up due to the appliances and will not get out of the truck to pick up everything that is stacked.  The good news most services will change the size back without charge if you ask ahead of time. So if you do have every person from your surrounding community looking to use your dumpster just change it back if they allow. As Hadar mentioned the smell could get pretty nasty. 

I have a 2 yd dumpster for a 12 unit that gets serviced weekly. The tenants are good about keeping it locked (combo) and it seems to be the right size as long as boxes get flattened. We do not offer recycling.