Any Central, IL investors on BP?

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Hello BP community! My name is Chad and I’m an investor in the Central Illinois area. Looking to make connections with like minded people in this area.

Hi, Chad and David. I'm in Normal, but haven't started investing yet... soon, though! Do either of you attend the REI meetup group in Bloomington? I think they meet on the second Tuesday.

Sorry, I’m new to BP trying to figure my way around. I (All Seasons Properties, LLC) have been investing in RE in Blm/Nml and surrounding areas for about 5 years. Accumulated roughly 60 units so far. Always looking to grow and make connections!

Hey Chad.. 

I would say it is worth it. But would also say I've met many ppl here and some weren't pro and I also met ppl before I went pro. But the training and the calculators and all the information that you can reference is well worth it. Let's meet up for a pint somewhere and we can discuss! 

Would anyone be interested in getting together and discussing some RE ideas/strategies? I would be willing to host a gathering at my office in Bloomington. Also tag or include others that you think could be interested. Thx Chad 👍🏼

I'm in Bloomington also. I'm new to BP in the past few days and I see this thread pop up - that must mean something. I'd be interested in learning where and when the REI meetup takes place.

Also checking in from the Bloomington area I just purchased my first 4-plex in a small town in the area in the past couple of months working on renovations Currently and trying to get it rented before winter!! I worked With First Financial for my loan they were absolutely awesome (Chris Hudgeons) and My cousin was my realtor (Ryan Leake) and did an amazing.

Hi all! I am here in Bloomington/Normal and have been looking to meet up with other investors and see how I can get my process started. I currently have one rental but looking for the next step for financing and how to grow. I have done EXTENSIVE research through bigger pockets and listened to many podcasts as well as other sources to determine how this all works. I see something posted about a weekly Tuesday investors meet up...? Is this something I would be able to attend or is it private? I am eager to meet with other investors who are likeminded, hear their stories, and work together to grow. Thank you all.

To find the Central IL meetup in Bloomington (there is one next Tuesday evening on 1031 exchanges), go to and look for "Central Illinois REI". They also have a FB group.


I am new to Blo/No and also new to investing. I am working on my first fourplex and hoping that it will come to pass. I would be happy to meet up some time, but have a day job which would require an early evening or weekend timing. Let me know. 

Welcome to BP. 

I am a managing broker, investor and property manager based in Mount Olive, IL (about 2 hours away from Bloomington, Normal). 

My investment area is from Bloomington Normal IL to Metro East St Louis area. I am willing 2 hours in any direction to meet other investors and network. 

Would like to connect with local brokers as well.