Recent Multifamily webinar question

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Recent  webinar I'm buying small multi families. Brandon analyze that deal in Corpus Christi and determined it was a good deal. And would cash flow around 700 hundred per month, I didn't hear him enter the amount for the mortgage. Is there something I'm missing. The property was $290, 000 so how much is the mortgage payment and what's the term.

@Al Mardrus , i didn't watch the webinar so cant comment specifically.

But can say that if he put this price and the down payment together with stating the interest rate and length of the loan it would be included. 

you may want to re watch the recording and see what numbers he plugged in.

you will need to be at least 4k a month rent to cash flow $700 if he accounted for all expenses. he may have not. you can play with the BP calculator and see how the underwriting change as you change the data/ numbers you insert.

just play with it a little and see.