Ultimate Partnering 2018 - Sept. 7th - 9th

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Has anyone attended Dave Lindahl / RE Mentor's Ultimate Partnering event in Boston? What were thoughts on the event? Is it education, networking, a sales pitch to join their coaching program or all of the above? Are attendees experienced investors that have acquired and are actively investing in 60+ unit multifamily properties, or is it mostly people that are pretty green and looking to get into multifamily? I'm trying to get a better read and feel for the event before spending $1,500+ on the ticket, hotel, flight, etc. It seems like Dave Lindahl was one of the more active multifamily mentors/gurus/educators during the last cycle, but has pulled back in the past few years. 

It would be great to hear anyone's thoughts, especially those that have attended in the past. Thanks! 

I have not been but I have one client that went and he liked it..   At the same time I think a good commercial broker who specializes in multi could probably give you all the answers as well in hopes of gaining your business.

unless I guess your looking to be one of the new syndicators on the block instead of buying a 60 or 100 unit your self. 

But for all the programs out there seems to me this one for 1,500 would be worth it you know there are going to be others who are probably in good positions to buy this stuff so that means they have ability financially and business wise.

compared to say a wholesaling seminar which is the how to get rich quick with no money crowd.. or the fix and flip seminars.. which are a mixed bag of capable folks and dreamers.

I'm going and I'm pretty pumped/looking forward to it!  I've never been to one of Dave's events, but many of the guru events are a similar song and dance.  The real questions are:

  1. What do you need?
  2. Why are you thinking about going?

I go for the networking.  Typically at these events you have a mix of people looking to learn and there will probably be sales pitches.  However, there will most likely be a room full of sophisticated and accredited investors.

Do you need passive investors to provide capital for you to help you buy deals in your syndications like @Jay Hinrichs said?

Do you need a key principal to sign on the loan to help you qualify for buying a 60+ unit?

Then you should probably consider attending all the networking events you can get your hands on and afford.

Do you need education/support/coaching?  There's a lot of gurus on here that teach the subject.  I heard that Dave is pretty pricey as far as coaching.  You could probably get a better deal if you shop around, assuming that's what you need.

Anyway... hope that insight helps and hopefully see you there!

@John B. I have been to one of the UP's events in the past. It's a pumped up event. You get an extremely diverse crowd of people. When I say "crowd" I really mean it. Dave Lindahl is able to generate tremendous interest with his annual event and allows you to do whatever you're looking to do. Some people pitch deals, others are looking for deals, capital, and etc... It's ultimately in your hands to determine what you're looking to get out of there and the best way to do that.


well its only 1,500 bucks seems like a lot of effort your running there to get opinions.. just do it.. if your going to be buying multi million dollar properties what's a few grand in the big picture..  

Ok, if you want more feedback - I went last year and going again this year. It was a rather large event, the experience of the crowd does vary. Some are passive investors, some are aspiring syndicators, some are experienced syndicators looking for passives, some are money raisers, etc. It was entertaining, there was some good content, they also do a "speed networking" thing where you can talk to like 40 people in half an hour. Bring tons of business cards. Conclusion: you will meet people and you will learn something. A bunch of people from NYC are going this year, myself including, most are already doing deals or looking to start ASAP. So...come! :)

I'm looking to sell my ticket to Ultimate Partnering to anyone who is interested! I bought it pre-sale for only $495.00 which is for 2 attendees.

I was planning on going to this event but now I have a conflict that came up. I've never been but I've also heard great things about it. 

Message me if interested and we can chat about how to transfer the ticket to your name (I already confirmed with the event that I can transfer it).


Yes, we will be there next week and highly recommend. We went last year and got some one on one time with Emmett Smith and made some great contacts that escalated our business. One of the best networking events for multifamily I have been to besides maybe the Wislon Family Office events.    We may be presenting a deal in the Florence area but just the networking alone is worth it. Think one of our partners at Clearnnote Capital will be sponsoring a table which is another great way to network.  Little secret if you book next years  event while there it is much cheaper.

@John B. I’ll be there and hopefully you get something out of it. This will be my first time but I’m hoping to help raise capital for some upcoming deals and potentially put in on others deals so I hear this is the spot to network!!