Having Trouble Finding Buyers for my Off-Market Property

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I am a commercial real estate agent in Los Angeles, CA & am working with a few off-market motivated sellers. My problem is I don't really know how to find buyers for my properties. They are multi family properties and one of them even has pre approved plans from the city for an additional 5 units (literally ready to break ground). I have created OM for the properties and have found a few people who seem interested but, haven't heard back from them after sending a NDA and the OM. I feel kind of stuck because I can't list the properties so I don't know how to reach out to potential buyers. I was thinking maybe through social media? But, it is kind of hard to advertise a property when it is off-market because I can't disclose the address of the property. If anyone has advice on how I can reach out to more buyers please feel free to let me know.

I like to add that I have been also calling multi family property owners in the area and asking if they are looking to purchase another property but, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

you post is kind of funny @Kevin Zadourian , I hope fr you that it would not be deleted.

If you are a RE agent that deal with investment properties you could build a buyers list.

here are many ways to do that, search the forum. 

Build some credibility here by joining as Pro member, post your leads on the BP Market place