Core 4 in less populated areas of the mid west

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I am originally from a small town in the Midwest so am familiar with it. In order to find enough deals to scale a buy and hold real estate I would most likely need to explore surrounding towns, say 20-30 miles between. When establishing your core 4 ( agent / lender / contractor / mgmt co. ) how large of an area can they cover before their expertise becomes diluted? So 1 core 4 team for a small region or different core 4 teams for each town? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Depends on the area and how far out your core 4 will go. Lenders and agents may be more willing to handle different areas, but contractors may charge extra or just refuse to go outside of their area. I've stumbled upon a few service companies in my area that only service about a 15 mile radius. Also, it's probably going to be really difficult to find management companies in rural areas. I've heard that complaint from a lot of investors that I know.