$15,000 for Multifamily/Apartment coaching or $100 per call?

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I am torn between paying $15k or $100 per call or $39 a month for a bigger pockets membership.

Well, I'm not totally torn because my wife made the decision for me.  Case closed.  

Has anyone ever paid an astronomical price for coaching?  If so, did you pay off?

Regardless, I'm looking for a mentor without taking thousands from my credit card or tapping into my HELCO. Can someone recommend a multi-family mentor they've used or perhaps someone seeking a JV deal that we can work on together?

Thanks BP!!

I read one book. "Buy it, Fix it, Sell it"

Read it after I bought a few cheap houses. Start small, buy a cheap rental, fix it up and rent it. Repeat until you want a multi family. I had bought 40 some houses before I bought any kind of multi family.
It is not rocket science. It's just buying a house.

That's it. BP is a great resource. Find a local REI group. Ask questions.

Please do not spend that type of money on "coaching". Take a few seasoned commercial loan officers, CCIMs, brokers, and others out to lunch at a fraction of the cost - I promise you'll learn a lot more than you will from any paid "mentor".

While mentoring is not for everyone and may seem costly, for others it's well worth the investment.  With the right mentoring program, right mindset, and commitment it will shortcut your learning and potentially connect you with other like minded individuals locally and nationally.  Which may lead you to other opportunities.  BP is a great wealth of information but you still have to network consistently online and in-person.  

If $15K is a stretch, you may need to build more equity before taking that plunge.  There are a few mentoring programs that have various different levels that are not more than $10K and BP has numerous threads about the value of different mentoring programs.

If you're not going to invest in a mentoring program and still want to seek a mentor, then bring something of value to those individuals. For example, bring a good deal that you've underwritten and have done some work to a potential partner\mentor. Don't just bring the OM, RR, and T12 or OS.

Hope this helps.

I did. And yes, it did pay off. 

But knowing how BP feels about mentors, I'm just going to sit back and eat popcorn and watch this  thread blow up.

@Lamont Marable Believe in yourself Wrote your goals down Buy the ugliest house in the best neighborhood Buy low sell high Be all that you can be Winners never quit There .. I just saved you 15 grand . ..Now that you got that out of the way ,you can stay on this site and learn the other 99% of real estate investing for free