Hickory North Carolina. Anyone currently invested here?

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I'm looking to buy multi family in Hickory I'm out of state not familiar with area. Multi family apartments rents low at $350! Has me questioning area and tenant pool. Any insights from those familiar. Much appreciated. 👍

Hey Ralph,

I own a 9 unit apt building in Hickory.  The area I'm in is pretty decent and I'm in the process of raising my rents as they were all priced severely under market when I acquired the building.  I am getting $650/mo for a 700 sqft one bedroom with electricity included (due to a split meter situation).  I am about to list a two bedroom, 1000 sqft for $700, electricity not included.   There are some areas I would stay away from and $350/mo sounds like one of them.  If you PM me the address I can advise you.