Finding Multifamily Property Owners’ Phone Numbers

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I’m looking for a source to get phone numbers of the actual owners of multifamily properties. Does anyone have a good source or service that would provide numbers? Thanks

@Trevor Asay as @Dan Handford mentioned, is a good tool that provides owner information and even claims to get through the LLC. You can find owner info on the county gis websites and then you can also go onto the state website of where the LLC (if applicable) is held and search the public records for the articles of incorporation and get the member names there. We are currently working on a software that will include this information as well as crime rates, economic growth, median income, etc, on one platform. Stay tuned for that.

As @Dan Handford mentioned, Reonomy is a great tool if you are looking to quickly dig into an LLC to find the Principal’s contact numbers. The software also allows you to sort properties by age, size, location, maturity date of loan, etc.