How to find the good deal

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congrats man, network (and ask questions) with your local REI investment club) for a start..

Lots of us are new and relatively new. Definitely start getting to know people by attending meetups and reaching out to people, such as those here on BP. I have found to be helpful. Definitely put effort into your education by reading (, hopping on the forums, and watching the webinars, etc. The forums tend to be fairly practical, so you can pick up some real world info pretty quickly. You may want to set it up to get notifications on certain keywords (e.g., "Georgia."). 

Something else that I have found helpful is to just start running numbers on properties. I'll do some searches on, Zillow, etc. and then pick something that looks interesting and run the numbers. I have even started driving by places and taking a look. Most are not good deals, of course, but it's helping me to get a better sense of how to look at deals.