New London CT multi family

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After having worked in the New London area for over 20 years but living in Rhode Island I am curious if anyone is willing to share some pros or cons of investing in the new London/Groton area? Thanks for any and all input

Hey @John Burton ,

We purchased a duplex near the Coast Guard/ Conn College in New London in May and will be closing on a duplex in Groton in the next couple weeks.  We had a lot of interest in the first property and have had some bites on the second even before listing it.  Pros to the area are the Coast Guard/ Navy populations and the EB/ Pfizer workforce.  Cons are the high taxes and trying to find reasonable deals.  I've seen properties go very quickly if they are a good deal and others that just sit because they are priced too high.  

You might want to post in the Connecticut forums as well.