Vinyl flooring cheap

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Vinyl plank floors are the best value and most durable for rentals. After much experience over the years these are proving to be the best. Ive installed them in 20 units of a C class multifamily I am repositioning. 

Good luck. (no affiliation) often has very good deals especially on smaller quantities.  I recently got 1000sq ft 12ml wear layer vinyl plank for 1.21/ft including shipping (freight curb delivery)

@Joseph Puthusseril I usually go with water proof vinyl. Ranges anywhere from $1-$3 sq ft and holding up very well with tenants. Install is a breeze which helps especially when doing it yourself. I just finished a livening room / dinner room (about 450 sq ft) in a about 6-7 hours.

I second @Sarah Lieberman . Recently got 1000sqft of LVP from them during a promotion. I believe it was 1.60 sqft. Best decision of my life because shortly after my tenants moved in there was a roof/ceiling leak. The floor was not damaged at all. I plan to use them again in the coming months for my next reno. 

Best part about Lumber is that you can get a store card and wrap the installation into the payments.