How to Find Best Multifamily Broker in My Marketplace

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So, just called our local commercial real estate broker association asking them if they have any data supporting who sold the most multifamily property in 2017-2018.  Surprisingly, they don't have any information.

Any recommendations as to how I can find the most productive multifamily real estate brokers in any given marketplace?

Loopnet can be good for that. Go there and see who has the most listings. A lot of those listings are already closed but the brokers leave them up so people will call them and they can build their buyers database from it.

You can also simply network by talking to local investors. Call property management companies and ask them. Call lenders in the area for the same.

What size? What market/sub-market? I can provide some recommendations if you're looking in the Chicago market. These would be mid-market brokers who have listings from 10+ units up to 150 or so. And generally speaking, it is not about the "best broker" it is about having a relationship with a lot of these brokers and being on their email list.

Understand how they work. Say there are roughly 10 mid-market brokers in Chicago. They are all actively forming relationships and pitching building owners to list their building. Once they have a listing they are marketing this listing via phone/email to only their clients. If you have a relationship only with Broker #1 you will never even know about the buildings that Broker #2 - #10 have listed. They do not share these buildings on a common database. They are dual agency collecting the full commission. Having a buyer's broker is not the way it works in this market, one broker/company facilitates the deal and represents both the buyer and seller. You may have one individual within this company that represents you (the buyer) and a separate individual that represents the seller, but they are ultimately working together to get a deal done and collect a commission. 

Often times you can go onto several of the brokers websites and find which one's make that claim. Why are you looking for the #1? I would look for the most active 3-7 brokers that deal with the size property you are looking for and start connecting with them.