How do I collect after tenants vacated property.

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The tenants vacated my property and did not pay the last month rent. I have been communicating them and they are giving me the run around. How do I report this to the credit agencies and go about collecting my money?

Previous tenants that owed me rents either skips or evictions I usually pursued them by using collection agency or have my eviction attorney go after them.  If believe also that you can deduct that rent he owes you from the deposit.

In our state of Illinois, you would have to go through the small claims process and get a judgment against the tenant. Did you collect a security deposit to assist?

1. Send them a letter regarding their deposit. Subtract all damages and then add the unpaid rent. Depending on your state it might be due in 30 - 45 - or 60 days of them moving out. Send it to the last known address you have for them which is probably your unit. Under your return address write "Address Service Requested". 

The post office should send you a card and charge you 50 cents or so for their new address, or the mail comes back as undelivered. Whatever you get back keep it as evidence of your attempt to comply with the law concerning returning of deposits.

2. You will need to file a lawsuit. Win the lawsuit, get a judgement AND RECORD the judgement against them.  Winning does not mean the judgement is recorded. It only means you won and have a court order for judgement. The Judgement MUST be recorded and paid separately from the lawsuit. A recorded judgement is how the credit bureaus find out.  If you are not a corporation, partnership or other business entity you can file this yourself. However, first timer should always hire an attorney and take good notes.

3. Statutory Interest: Some states allow the owner of the judgement to collect statutory interest up to 9% in Illinois. Make sure that is included by the judge in his court order.

4. Check out the collection laws in your state. 

5. Hire a collection agency.

6. Don't have an attorney and I will get you set up.

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