Real Estate Events Beyond Local REIA

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Hello Community,

Besides your local REIA group, are there any other real estate-centric events that you would recommend? My area of interest is in commercial multi-family but would be open to learning more about all things real estate investing. I see ads for a lot of these conventions and speaker series but would love to know which ones you have found to be the most valuable when it comes to education, networking, and having an overall positive experience.


I just attended Rod Khleifs three day event in Chicago and I know he has another one coming up in November in Atlanta. Worthwhile and inspiring.

I’m also on CCIM list of online classes as they are available. Not too expensive and cover a wide variety of topics.

I second the CCIM online classes that Sean mentioned. They are a great resource at a reasonable price comparatively. I have taken some and learned a lot from them.

@Wiley Strahan I've been attending equity marketing sessions. The experienced exchangors in these groups are the Navy Seals of commercial real estate. There is a national group that meets quarterly in Vegas. About half the members are CCIMs. There may be a affiliate group near you.

@Wiley Strahan check for in-person events near you. 

I know LA has quite a few Multi-Family focused groups.

Some of these may be "guru" classes or trying to pitch something, but you may still get good networking out of them.