Good Local Ohio Bank for Multifamily

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I need a local Ohio bank (ideally with a Dayton Branch) and banker referral? I want a good mobile banking app and ideally will refinance a multiunit apartment complex with them after repositioning it. A good bonus would be if they are one of the banks with a reasonable portfolio of distressed debt they are offloading.

Union Savings Bank has a good Cincinnati presence.

I like Republic Bank. Watch Hill Bank is another good one who will lend in that area. Wright Pat Credit Union is also good I hear.

I am not sure if they will work with you if you are an out of footprint borrower, especially from California though.

Updated almost 3 years ago

Given that you are in CA, you may be better of working with a large national lender. If you lived in most other states some of the locals could make it work easier, but from what I understand, many of the smaller lenders don't really work with CA borrowers given the laws in CA

Check with Stan in Commercial, at Park National Bank.  I'm not sure if they do out of state, or that far out of state, but they may.  I will PM contact details.  

Huntington may not be a bad choice. They are a much larger bank and has the size to handle an out of state lender bettef