Adding studio apt. to single family home

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I have a property that has a detached garage that was previously used as living space/man cave. It has a furnace and a wall AC unit. It’s currently in rough shape though. The space is around 500sqft not including the actual garage that it’s attached to. Can I renovate this area to a studio apartment and rent it to a seperate tenant. What zoning issues have people ran into? Anyone tried this in there areas? Who do I talk to at the local government for answers? The PVA site says R-1C-Single Family Residence. 

Department of Zoning and Building. Just call and they’ll walk you through. Sounds like a great value add to the property! If they don’t go for it on the first try you can always try submitting for a variance.

Thanks for you response @Kurt Dieringer . I have found out that the property needs to be zoned R2 for multi family. Would a variance be an exception to this fact basically? I have found a lot of single family homes zoned R2 which have the structure listed as SFD but the zoning for the property says “two family” on the PVA. Buying the right property knowing you could do some conversion could be a big win it seemsz I wonder if permitting or some other red tape would get in the way if you specifically targeted This kind of situation for value add.