Apartment Investors (DFW/Houston)

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Good Morning, I’ve been primarily investing in SFR’s and smaller multi’s with a partner since about 2013 and we are interested in moving up to a Class B or C Multifamily property (50-60 units built in 70’s or 80’s). I’ve been doing quite a bit of research about what lenders would require and the various aspects of bank loans versus agency loans. The Old Capital Podcast has been really good for me as well as just getting out and trying to establish relationships with folks. I know to a large extent Seller’s and Brokers are interested in your “resume” which is why a lot of people invest as LP’s or sign on as guarantors for agency debt before sponsoring their own deals. Are there any DFW or Houston investors around that I can talk to about what things I need to do to get in the game? For what it’s worth my background is as a business lawyer and my business partner is a CPA.

Jumping on this forum and listening to the Old Capital Podcast is a great start.  Get on the FB multifamily groups as well.

Just get in the game!  We can chat anytime.

PM me and I'd be happy to talk more. We're active in the DFW market in selected areas. There's a lot of product hitting the market in the next 2 years, but still very good deals to get into.