Minimizing noise between floors in apartment building

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We may be acquiring a multiunit. 

1960's brick built, garden style, 3 story high buildings.

The units had parque wood floors up until about 4 years ago. The current landlord started putting in carpet to reduce noise complaints.

Of course carpet is expensive to replace and a lot of tenants destroy the carpet.

In the past, I've always Costco laminate floors,  zero carpet, in all rentals. But typically buy the only people the tenants could complain to would be their own family members living with them. This would be my first multi. 

Any experience from your experiences, in terms of flooring choices that will keep people from complaining too much, but also keep noise levels down?

Any advice is appreciated as always.

We have a 60’ vintage 2 story building and have looked at just about everything to eliminate carpet on the 2nd floor. Problem being without concrete floors you’re just about stuck with carpet. Unless you want to rip up subfloors or ceilings and add insulation.

Sam, Mike, and Kevin, thank you for the replies. 

I agree carpet is the best but also an expensive option. 

I'm just wondering how the current owners got by without carpet since the 1960s until 4 years ago. They did say they had some insulation between floors but I'm sure it got worn out in 50+ years. Maybe people complained and just dealt with it. 

I do see a lot of buildings now with carpet in the bedrooms, but vinyl plank in the living areas. Seems like it's easy to clean and hard to destruct. Have seen it in a few 1980's wood frame apartment buildings as well as new construction apts.


Have you used gypcrete? If so, how old of a building and what type of construction? Does it just get poured over the plywood? How thick of a layer did you do? 

Thank you!!