Commercial Multi-Family Brokers in Eastern PA

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Hello, BP!

I am just beginning to wade into commercial multi-family, I find their valuations to be much more attractive, and easier to navigate, than residential ARVs. I'm working with a small team of 3 others who have experience in 1-4 unit multi-family, but ultimately we would like to one day work our way into syndicating large apartments.

In the meantime, we would like to begin cultivating relationships with commercial lenders and brokers by pursuing 5-20 unit multi-family properties. It is our plan that properties in this unit range will be manageable yet add to our track record.

Are there any commercial real estate brokers in the eastern PA region who work with 5-20 unit multi-families? Our primary areas of interest are Bristol/Northeast Philadelphia, Bucks County, and the Lehigh Valley. 

@Mario Ciccarelli , there are a number of lenders and smaller portfolio banks who will lend in this space.

Depending on the amount, you may also want to look into a Small Balance loan.

My suggestion is to attend some of the meetups in the area. I run a commercial RE one in the Philly area and there are others I can recommend who focus on multi-family, etc.