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Los Angeles:Investing in Real state multi-unit building

Posted Jul 11 2011, 19:48

We are a working couple first time buyers in Los Angeles,California. We have 300K$ down and were preapproved for 900K loan.
We never owned property before so we are seeking expertise advice and answers to these questions
1. We were wondering about what people who have gone this route have to say or give advice on that.
2. Is this the right way to go?
3. As we understand how important location can be, we are debating whether we buy it in Burbank N Hollywood Sherman oaks, La near USC or West Hollywood? Investment wise what would make the most sense?
4. Also for maximizing investments and cash flow what’s best 2, 3, 4 units or more is best?
5. What things do we look for when we go see the apartment?
6. What questions should we ask the seller?
7. What to look for in the surrounding? Besides school public transportation and safety obviously?
Any comment and/or advice is greatly appreciated!

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