Found 7 Unit property already with tenants

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Is my first time investing and I really don´t know what are the aspects that I need to consider. Could someone help me? There is a property manager and the income of rents is $5,000 and the price tag is $500,000.

Fill out the BiggerPockets cashflow analyzer for the property and find out how much return on investment it produces.

You would need to get more information on the expenses such as:

1. Property Taxes,

2. Insurance,

3. Management,

4. Maintenance,

5. Utilities,

5. Repairs

In Bridgeport, Connecticut and many North East regions we also include Snow Removal and Pest control.

I'm not sure what state this property is in which may have other expenses you need to consider.

@Cristian Mendez welcome to BP! The tenants are either an asset or a burden, You will need a rentroll and financials as well as leases. Having a PM invilved should help with that process. Dig into everything and have the building inspected. Leave nothing to chance and keep us posted. You may be off to a great start!