Temporary access to MLS - Not for listings

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What is the best and legal way to be added as an assistant to get access to the MLS to retreive contacts and build a mailing list to get leads on MF? I am not a realtor/broker.

You can get multi family lists from tax data base, list source and same list services as residential. You can also find deals occasionally on loopnet amd craigslist although they are usually smaller ones listed there.

I second the other @Seth Ferguson

Use a system that aggregates public record, like MyReipro.com. Similar prices to the MLS, with better data searches for investors, as long as you do something w the data.

I disagree, @Vincent Marec Do NOT get a license unless you plan on having a job as a realtor, you can gain access by befriending or partnering with a licensed agent to get assistant access. BUT mls is NOT where you get leads for MF deals. you want to shake hands, and gain the favor of the top 5 brokers and their underlings in the areas you are looking to invest. and also do what @Greg Dickerson says and do tax search, lead source, speak to property managers of deferred properties etc.