Property management software, what's best!?

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I'm looking for a good property management software. We have 42 units to manage without plans to manage much more than that for a few years.

Features that are most important to me:

- nearly automated Application processing

- vacancy listing

- affordable background and credit checks

- income insight if possible

- online lease and forms docusign

- ACH payment collection ability.

There are 3 that I've learned about that seem to continually come up.

-Appfolio ( Doesn't have an option for my size of management but seems to be the most thorough. However it's complexity makes it less intuitive to operate from what I hear. )

- Rentec Direct ( Heard this one has stellar customer service and it has most features as well)

- Buildium ( I tried a trial of this one and it seemed interesting but it was kind of expensive, and the application process is with my smart move by transition. If I wanted my smart move by transunion,

I could just pay for it and keep doing the rest in excel how I'm doing. I'm looking for a better application process than smart move offers, so buildium is lacking in that category for me.

@Cody F. in my opinion and experience, Buildium's application process is very good. You can build a fully customized web application, including the ability to have applicants upload supporting documents. The tenants pay the PM set application fee via credit/debit card at the end of the application. 

If you use the SmartMove feature, the applicant is given next steps to run that report. Once they approve it, the results (credit, background, eviction) show up in your Buildium never have to go to Smartmove yourself. I believe it also is a discounted rate for integrated Buildium customers. 

Buildium also offers a more advanced/instantaneous tenant screening package that is built right into the app. However, there is a review process to be approved that also includes a site inspection of your place of business. That place of business cannot be a home office, hence it was a deal breaker for me. 

Have you looked at Cozy?  I've only used them for a duplex so far but that seems pretty smooth.  They interact with the applicant/tenant on getting background checks done so no money changes hands on your part.  I know they do online rent payments, and I think you can even setup roommate accounts.  The only thing they don't have that they say is "coming soon" would be docusign functionality.  Been very happy with them.