Houston/Surrounding Area Apt Investing & Property Mgmt Recos

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Hi everyone! I'm making a trip out to Houston next week (really to Dallas first for the Brad Sumrok event) then heading to Houston to meet with commercial property managers in the area. Was looking for any recos from experience in Houston and surrounding areas (Spring, Woodlands, Katy, Conroe, or any others) for apartment investing, as well as property managers in the area (ideally dealing with buildings up to 100 unit range, but am of course open to those with higher experience since I will most likely syndicate). Also looking for perspective on market inventory, as I want to keep that in mind as well in terms of over/under supply. Appreciate your help!!


Hi Holly,

Well if I run into at the event this coming weekend I won't be surprised if you call me Michael Le.  (running inside joke with Michael Le).  I have a few contacts as well.

Hi Holly. BOTH Michaels are famous...so you’ll be in good hands. ;)

I’d be happy to help you make some connections here in Houston. I’m more of an independent multi-family investor (have not syndicated any deals yet). I chose to invest in a strong sub market (College Station) and have been cutting my teeth on a repositioning project the last 7 months...quite the learning experience. I have a great broker I’d recommend. Please PM me if you want any contact info.