Looking for Core 4 Recos in Columbus, Ohio

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My name is Nick Uhas and I'm a huge fan of Bigger Pockets. I've read 5 of their books (just finished BRRR) and have listened to 3 of their audiobooks.

MY STORY: My parents signed over to me 4 rental properties in Columbus, Ohio a few blocks from The Ohio State University. Of these 4, one rents very well but needs some repairs and the other 3 need some pretty hefty rehab. 

Starting next week I'll be embarking on a real estate investing journey where I'll be rehabbing and renting these properties and then continuing to invest into the Columbus, Ohio market.

I currently live in Los Angeles, but make my way back "home" to Columbus, Ohio quite often (at least once every 2 months). 

From here I'm reaching out to the bigger Pockets forums for any recommendations on the core 4 in the Columbus, Ohio area (agent, property management, lenders, and contractors).

I'd also love to meet up with any other members who live in the area and currently invest. I'm going to be in this market for a LONG TIME and would love to build some relationships now. 

Thanks to everyone who replies to this post and hopefully see you soon! 

@Nick Uhas Welcome Nick to the multifamily space.  Have you checked out Apartment Syndication school by Joe Fairless yet?  There are a lot of resources out there to help you.  I am down in Orange County.  If there is anything I can help you with just give me a hoolla.

@Nick Uhas

Welcome to BP. Go with reverse-engineering your strategy on BP: search for "Columbus, OH" and go through the old posts to see whom you should connect with and be pro-active. Also, BP has a section for meetups under BP/Network/Events. Search for the local events there and join in.


hey nick, im Vincent im also an investor here in town. im working on my core 4. i have a good contractor who is talented and does great work. i'm trying to work on a handyman for when i dont need someone with a licence. im still looking for an agent, and lender. Im doing my own PM because i feel like i have not yet found someone who meets my standards. I've been told im picky but thats not the case, i just dont accept sub par management of my properties. if i can help you out in any way let me know. I just found the site and am trying to gain some knowledge and experience to help ensure my success with my properties

@Vincent Gable hey dude! welcome to the forums!! I've found some amazing feedback through this community. I really appreciate you reaching out. Currently I'm working with some guys over at CoreOhio. Everyone in Columbus has positive reviews of them. LMK how I could help in return. Thanks man!