How to get renters into commercial building?

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How do you go about attracting renters into a commercial multi family? Craigslist ads etc... are there some tried and true methods? Thanks.

Offer specials for first month at a lesser rate....use all media you can: Facebook, newspaper, craigslist, and any other form in your area. There should be a renters website for your area.  Let people who already live there that you are looking for new tenants and offer them a 50 dollar finders fee.  Call the local chamber of commerce ask them if they have a place to add your information for rentals. Become a member there if you can (if it is cheap usually is fairly reasonable to be a member).  You can also get to a local BBB and get your name on their list. 

Good Luck!

@Greg Stetz I would consider a Facebook add or several boosted posts with pictures of the units. Hopefully they are updated and look appealing with sine staged photos.